Postie Plus Youth Rates Decision Applauded

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News that another major national company is scrapping youth rates is a further milestone in the campaign this year to abolish youth rates altogether, the Council of Trade Unions said today.

The company's announcement today follows on from the National Distribution Union's successful campaign to eliminate youth rates from Postie Plus stores in Hawkes Bay.

"Postie Plus' decision to get rid of youth rates builds on the agreement reached between BP Oil and the EPMU to end youth rates at BP petrol stations," said Carol Beaumont, CTU Secretary.

"The CTU supports fair pay for a fair day's work, and unions will continue to campaign alongside students, churches and community groups to change laws that allow young workers to be paid 80% of the adult minimum wage," said Carol Beaumont.

"Young workers don't get to stack shelves 20 per cent slower than their older workmates, they don't get to flip burgers 20 per cent slower, yet our minimum wage legislation allows for them to be paid at this lower rate."

"Other major employers should follow the leadership of Postie Plus and BP and abolish youth rates discrimination before the law requires them to," said Carol Beaumont.