The Pay Equity Challenge

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The CTU is committed to action on pay and employment equity on all fronts: political, industrial and campaigning. Unions are not alone in calling for pay and employment equity and the CTU and CTU unions are part of the Pay and Employment Equity Coalition.

Pay and employment equity is a union issue. It is a human rights issue, a social justice issue and an economic issue.  There is a persistent pay gap between women's and men's wages.  Women’s hourly earnings are on average 12 to 15% less than men. The weekly gender pay gap is much greater because women are more likely to be in casual and  part time work. Women’s average weekly  pay is $879.09 and men’s average weekly pay is $1058.98 – a gender pay gap of 17%. The annual gender earnings gap is much wider.

The current Government has abolished the Pay and Employment Equity Unity which had been set up to implement a Plan of Action to reduce the gender pay gap and ensure pay and employment equity in the public sector. 

Some facts and figures
  • One year after entering employment the average income gap between men and women with a bachelor’s qualification or above was around 6 percent, after five years (2002 -2006) the average income gap had increased to 17 percent.
  • An independent job evaluation report showed that when compared with male dominated jobs of corrections officers and cleaners, school support staff such as teacher aides and administrators were paid as much as $8 an hour less.
  • Other pay and employment equity investigations in education have also shown areas where women employees are not being treated fairly or are being discriminated against in terms of pay, career advancement and the value of their work.
  • In different occupational sectors the differences can are great.  The New Zealand Census of Women’s Participation Census found a gender pay gap in the public sector of 38.81% in Defence, 29% in Treasury, 27.2% in the office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet and 14.9% in the Department of Labour

The CTU is part of the Pay Equity Challenge Coalition which holds regular events around the country. To find out what's happening and to join in visit the Coalition's webpage.

The CTU Equal Pay Petition to the Department of Labour can be found here


What's New...

  • Historic victory in pay equity case for carers

    CTU congratulates Kristine Bartlett and the Service and Food Workers Union, Nga Ringa Tota for the historic legal victory for thousands of low-paid women workers says Helen Kelly, CTU President.

    3 years 8 weeks ago
  • Key Issues Impacting on the Union Movement at Local, National and International Levels

    Speech by NZCTU President Helen Kelly to the NZCTU Women's Conference

    Brentwood Hotel, Wellington
    Friday 26 July 2013

    3 years 11 weeks ago
  • Income sharing is fixed in the past

    The coalition agreement between National and United Future which puts income sharing back on the parliamentary table is completely out of step with employment trends and with workers and parents’ work preferences.  

    4 years 45 weeks ago
  • Bold Policies to Close the Gender Pay Gap Welcomed

    “The announcement today that the Labour Party will introduce pay equity legislation is welcome news”,  CTU President Helen Kelly said today.

    5 years 4 weeks ago
  • Petition invites Labour inspectors to audit the pay gap

    Following statements from the Minister of Labour that Labour Inspectors have the power to investigate issues of equal pay in the workplace, the CTU and Green Party have today launched a campaign to encourage workers to invite the inspectors in to their workplaces to check the time and wage records of their employers for any discrimination.

    CTU President, Helen Kelly said "Catherine Dela

    5 years 9 weeks ago
  • Submission for the NGO Shadow Report on CEDAW, Module 2

    While the CTU is concerned about all of the issues affecting women, this response to the Shadow Report focuses primarily on employment. The CTU response has a very strong focus on pay and employment equity because of the centrality of pay and employment equity to almost all employment issues affecting the women our unions represent.

    5 years 16 weeks ago
  • CTU backs early childhood Day of Action

    CTU President Helen Kelly offered backing to today’s day of action calling on the Government to reverse the cuts to early childhood funding and commit to more investment in early childhood education.

    Helen Kelly said: “The cuts to ECE funding will impact on the opportunity for young children to participate in education services and the ability of many parents, especially women, to take

    5 years 37 weeks ago
  • Suffrage Day: Kate Sheppard would not be impressed 17.9.10

    The Government is pushing through changes to employment law that will set back women’s equality in the workforce, says the Women’s Council of the CTU. 

    6 years 5 weeks ago
  • Early childhood education cuts short sighted 3.5.10

    Spending money on Early Childhood Education is a “no-brainer” and government cuts are bad for children and workers, CTU president Helen Kelly said today.

    6 years 24 weeks ago