Thanks Kristine (and the SFWU)

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Show your support for the wonderful Kristine Bartlett and her union - the SFWU - by leaving a comment here.

Tuesday 28 November was a great day for equal pay. On that day the Court of Appeal ruled in Kristine’s favour that, in order to fairly determine what equal pay for caregivers looks like, there needs to be a comparison with another industry, a male dominated industry (with similar responsibilities and training).

The case continues – but victory on this particular aspect is huge. Kristine and SFWU will still need all the support they can get. Tell us why you care about this decision and this issue? 


A great ray of hope this week, as the Govt has rammed through changes to the ERA stripping workers of their employment rights, has been the outcome  of the Court of Appeal upholding the Employment Court decision that Kristine has been underpaidbcasue of her gender.

Well done Kristine, all SFWU, NZNO and PSA careworkers, and a great legal team for being just the staunchest and the very best and fighting for equity and justice.  Have the weekend off!!

Congratulations to Kristine and her union SFWU Nga Ringa Tota for all their dedication and hard work in achieving this great result

Kia kaha Kristine. This a is a big step in the right direction. Well done SFWU too.

So proud of the wonderful Kristine for standing up for all women and especially caregivers. The struggle for equal pay is not a new one - but I believe we can win it with workers and their unions campaigning and not settleling for less. Am so proud of my union SFWU for being so staunch and fighting the fights which really matter. Kia kaha - Huia Welton.

Thank you Kristine for standing up for what's fair! This decision is huge for all working women in Aotearoa. So from all of us - thanks and congratulations!