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Rob Egan

Holidays Act underpayment of up to 750,000 workers raised on international stage

CTU President Richard Wagstaff addressed the International Labour Organisation (the United Nations agency for work and employment) on Tuesday to focus global attention on the New Zealand government’s failure to protect working people in the face of the massive payroll systems failure that has left as many as three quarters of a million working New Zealanders out of pocket.

The payroll secret that is costing workers $500 a year

Fresh analysis of documents released this week show that MBIE pushed to keep secret the significant underpayment of up to a third of New Zealand workers under the Holidays Act, costing affected workers up to $500 a year while the issue remained unresolved.

Government’s job creation strategies need a major boost


Working people are calling on the Government to significantly up their game in job creation, following a big rise in people looking for work.

CTU Secretary Sam Huggard says working people need to see a better plan from government to create jobs.