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ACC cuts will put the health of New Zealanders at risk

In response to news that ACC plans to cut operational spending by 6.5%, CTU President Richard Wagstaff is calling on the Minister of Finance to prioritise the protection of essential services over irresponsible tax cuts.

“These sweeping cuts at ACC will put the health of New Zealanders at risk, demonstrating the devastating impact of the Minister of Finance’s directive for huge spending cuts across the public service,” said Wagstaff.
“Such significant cuts in operational spending will lead to job losses and less reliable services, compromising ACC’s ability to support people in need. It will now be much harder for people to access their entitlements and get the help they need to recover from injuries.
“I am very concerned for the workers at ACC whose jobs are now on the line, my thoughts are with them.
“In a desperate attempt to find the money to pay for tax cuts for wealthy landlords, this Government is undermining the essential services and workers who keep this country running.
“At a time when New Zealand’s population is growing rapidly, Government should be investing more to meet growing need, but instead the Minister of Finance is taking a slash and burn approach. It’s totally irresponsible,” said Wagstaff.