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Women’s Council

About Us

  • Women’s Council is a constitutional structure of the NZCTU
  • It meets 4 times a year with representation open to all CTU affiliates and representation from Te Rūnanga, Komiti Pasefika and StandUp
  • Organises the Biennial CTU Women’s Conference
  • Reports to the CTU National Affiliates Council quarterly
  • Has workplan decided from CTU Women’s Conference
  • Makes representation and submissions on working women’s issues e.g. CEDAW, Domestic Violence legislation
  • Sustains relationships with key women’s groups’ e.g. National Council of Women and maintains relationships with key politicians.

Our Workplan and Priorities

  • Leading policy work on working women’s issues
  • Supporting union campaigns affecting working women
  • Working together with key allies and support organisations
  • Strengthening Union Women through the CTU Biennial Women’s Conference
  • Supporting (as able) specific projects.

As part of a suffrage 125 Project the CTU Women’s Council was asked to contribute an essay on the history of the NZCTU Women’s Council for a NZ History of Women’s Organisations’ web site. You can read that essay here.

Women’s Council Convenors

The current convenors of the CTU Women’s Council are: