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Annual Mood of the Workforce Survey

Since 2019, we have conducted the “Mood of the Workforce” survey, which focuses on working people’s experiences over the previous year and asks them to consider the concerns they have for the next.

The survey is conducted in the first half of January each year. Respondents are invited from a random sample of the CTU Together mailing list and the target response sample is 1000 or more – this is usually achieved within two to three days of the survey opening.

Each year, there are a standard range of questions about cost-of-living issues, remuneration, workload, job security and training and development.

Each survey includes additional questions based on observations of labour issues in the previous 12 months. These have included workplace bullying, perceptions and intentions regarding working in Australia, impact of COVID, and political perceptions.

In addition to quantitative questions respondents are also provided with opportunities to provide free text responses. This is used to identify thematic trends and to understand the rationale behind quantitative responses.

One of the advantages of having run the survey consistently over a period of years is the ability to look at the data longitudinally. This gives an understanding of how the mood of working people has changed on key workplace issues over time.

The following graphs track these trends over the past six years:

Note: in comments too few hours, such as created in zero hour contracts, and too many hours of work (particularly unpaid hours) have been identified as driving “worse” responses

Previous years