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Employment Relations 

The NZCTU recognises that workers’ rights are human rights and is committed to supporting working people in Aotearoa New Zealand in their fight for economic and social justice.  

A major issue faced by working people is the inherent imbalance of power between workers and their employers, with employers having the upper hand. Unions are essential in enabling working people to stand up for their rights and ensuring that unions have the strength and resources to organise is a major challenge. 

Our work in this area focuses on bringing about the creation of worker-friendly laws and policies through participating in tripartite discussions, making submissions to the government, and becoming involved in legal cases to highlight and improve workers’ interests.  

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NZCTU Definition of Good Work, June 2022 

Good work is mahi that has a lasting positive impact on the worker, the employer, and the wider community. It is mahi that enhances the mana and dignity of workers, and where both employers and employees are treated with respect. The NZCTU’s definition can be used to help assess the extent to which good work is available in Aotearoa New Zealand and to develop policy to improve the quality of employment.  

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