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Compassion at the heart of our Government a refreshing change

Compassion is at the heart of the Coalition Government and what a difference a year has made already to the lives of New Zealanders, said CTU President Richard Wagstaff, who attended today’s event in Auckland.

“A hands-off Government was not working for New Zealand, the big social and environmental crises of our times such as housing, income inequality and the risks of a warming climate were being ignored or downplayed.”

“It’s very positive to see a Government that is committed to lifting living standards for all, and we look forward to a Budget next year that will incorporate a wider range of measures of success.”

“Pay equity, minimum wage rises and redirecting National’s wasteful tax cuts towards working families where it is needed most are all important steps the Government can take to lift incomes. We are pleased to see today a clear commitment from all three parties to progressing these and other measures as agreed.”

“Government alone cannot shoulder the responsibility for lifting incomes and reducing inequality though. Businesses absolutely must be prepared to pay higher wages, to lift New Zealand out if its low wage rut – this cannot be a job for Government on its own.”