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Labour’s Workplace Relations Policy celebrated by working people

Labour’s launch today of their Workplace Relations Policy is being celebrated by working people as innovative, future focused and fair.

“We are excited to see Labour’s commitment to introduce Fair Pay Agreements which would set basic employment conditions across an industry. This is such an important issue for working people whose pay and conditions are constantly under threat. The situation currently faced by Wellington’s bus drivers highlights and typifies the downward pressure on wages many working people face.” said CTU President Richard Wagstaff.

“If bus drivers in New Zealand were covered by a Fair Pay Agreement they would have some certainty. But as things stand, Wellington bus drivers face pay cuts and casualisation. The problem with the current model is that it allows for, and even encourages, employers to drive wages down in order to increase their own profit margins. This model is outdated and unsustainable. Fair Pay Agreements are most certainly the way of the future. The huge success of the recent equal pay settlement shows how this approach can significantly improve the lives of working people

“The Living Wage Movement is a success story of working people, their communities, and allies campaigning for a wage which provides enough for people to actually live on. It is great to see that the Labour Party will, within the first 12 months of being in Government ensure that the entire core public service is paid the Living Wage. This shows true leadership.”

“There is much more in Labour’s policy to be celebrated. It is especially pleasing to see that Labour will improve health and safety law to ensure that all workplaces regardless of size and industry will be able elect health and safety representatives – this will make workplaces safer.”