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More homes: a public good

Every Kiwi should have a safe, warm, dry place to call home. Today’s announcement from the Government that this year they have delivered the biggest increase in the number of public houses in almost 20 years “is to be celebrated. Ensuring we have enough homes for all, especially those living in poverty is a huge challenge which must be resolved,” said CTU President Richard Wagstaff.

“One of the consistent concerns of working people is having access to safe, warm, dry homes. Having an additional 2178 houses will make a difference to at least 2178 families; the lives of thousands of people will be positively impacted on as a result of the completion of these new homes.”

“Of course there are many more people who need access to safe, warm, dry homes. We urge the Government to focus attention on the delivery of what can only be described as one of the most basic of human need – shelter.”

“If we are serious about improving our wellbeing as a nation, we have to remain determined to resolve housing which has become a daunting issue. We won’t solve it by tinkering or political point scoring, but by large scale investment and determined leadership,” Wagstaff said.