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NZCTU welcomes early childhood teachers push for a Fair Pay Agreement

The New Zealand Council of Trade Unions is thrilled early childhood teachers have become the latest group of workers to lodge an application to begin negotiating for a Fair Pay Agreement. ​The sector’s union, NZEI Te Riu Roa, today lodged an application with the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment after more than 6000 members signed up in support.

“Early childhood teachers are another important group of workers who face some real challenges,” said NZCTU President Richard Wagstaff.

“A fair pay agreement will go a long way to ensuring higher minimum standards are negotiated so the sector can do better at retaining and recruiting teachers who do such a valuable job helping our tamariki get the best start in life.”

Early childhood teacher Margaret Barclay has worked and campaigned in the sector for nearly 50 years. She says the sector is diverse and fragmented.

“I am aware of the wide range of working conditions and remuneration in ECE. Now this is our opportunity to bargain which will help achieve quality early childhood education across the motu for every child out there.”

In late March, bus drivers were the first group to receive the green light to negotiate a FPA.
In total, six unions have so far lodged applications for an FPA.

“The NZCTU urges all employers to take a positive view of FPAs which will help attract people into their sector and help build a skilled, productive and committed workforce,” said Richard Wagstaff.