CTU Economic Bulletin

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  • May 2010

    Reflecting on the Budget

    Some ideas grow on you. The more you think about them the smarter they appear. The 2010 Budget was the opposite. It dies on me. The more I look, the more worried I get. Not only is it likely to worsen inequalities but it does so little for economic growth that we're unlikely ever to notice. Short of improvements in the economy beyond the government's control, such as a greater than expected improvement in world economic conditions or continuing improvements in produce prices, the living standards of the majority of working people will fall behind in the coming year, measured either in real disposable incomes or in prospects.

  • April 2010

    Reading the 2010 Budget tea leaves

    The National led government presents its second Budget on 20 May. What might be in store?

  • March 2010

    Many people will be thinking about the effect of GST on the cost of living.

  • February 2010

    Is the recession over? We're on the way, many economists say. The government gives mixed messages - John Key emphasises things are improving; Bill English that the economy is still fragile.