CTU Economic Bulletin

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  • April 2012

    The Government’s Budget will be announced on 24 May. There have been surprisingly few pre-Budget announcements so far. The main one was that there will be a near-zero “operating allowance” for new spending rather than the already very low $800 million the Prime Minister was confident about as recently as February. This is a worrying development.

  • March 2012

    “Business facing” is how the Government is describing the latest round of public service restructuring.

  • February 2012

    We’re told that New Zealand has had an awful saving record, but that it’s now turning around. Is that true? Household debt grew hugely in the US too, and the financial system, including profits and pay, grew to an absurd size, partly on the back of it. Did that happen here too?

  • January 2012

    A graph showing the share of income that the richest 1% of people in New Zealand have received over the last 90 years together with union membership over that period gives a clear picture. Income inequality has risen when union membership has been falling, and inequality has fallen when union membership has been strong.