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Petroleum industry needs to get on board with a just transition

The Council of Trade Unions said today that it was heartened by yesterday’s announcement from the Government of a just transition for those in the oil and gas industries, but disappointed that the petroleum industry appears unwilling to face facts. CTU Secretary Sam Huggard said that putting the interests of working people first in the inevitable move to a sustainable economy was more important than playing politics with their future.

“The whole point of a just transition is that actually, we know change is coming, it’s inevitable, and we are going to create high-paying sustainable jobs that match people’s skills. You’d almost think from the reaction from the oil and gas industry that the rug was being pulled out from under working people overnight. The Government and the union movement have been very clear that a transition plan, particularly for affected regions is the right way to go.”

“Rather than scaremongering about job losses, we’re ready to look to the future for regions like Taranaki and get on with investing in new technology, new industries, and new jobs for those who have been reliant on oil and gas. The fossil fuel lobby knows full well that it’s a sunset industry, and they should be more honest about what they can provide for regional economies. We would welcome them showing a bit of care for the people that work for them by talking to us about what they can do to support a just transition too.”

CTU blog from Sam Huggard on what a just transition would look like:

To read the CTU policy paper on a just transition: