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Greens housing policy is good for working people

The Council of Trade Unions is pleased to see release of the Homes For All policy from the Green Party today.

CTU Policy Director Andrea Black is enthusiastic about this policy. “Everyone should have a warm dry healthy home to live in, its really that simple. We welcome the commitment of the Green Party to increase the supply and quality of rental property and improve the pathways to home ownership.”

“Over the last ten years rents have increased by twice the level of the consumer price index (35% v 17%). This has meant that renting households face a far higher cost of living than people who own their own home. Working people who rent can then find some of their hard won wage increases lost to increased rents. Making it much harder for people of all income levels to save for a deposit and escape the soaring rental market.”

“The quality of rental property is far lower than owner occupied property with Stats NZ finding that rental property is much more likely to be cold, damp and mouldy. This has significant impact on the health and wellbeing of everyone living in these properties.”

“We also welcome the commitment to review the accommodation supplement as recent work from the Child Poverty Action Group shows that the accommodation supplement has played a role in intensifying house prices and rent rises.”

“The purpose of policy is to make life better, that’s what good policy has the power to achieve. This policy is good policy for so many New Zealanders who are currently struggling with something which must be an absolute fundamental; a healthy home,” Black said