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Building a Better Future, Creating an Economic Development Strategy Together for Aotearoa New Zealand

Cover of the publication Building a Better Future

The NZCTU believes that by working together we can build a better economy for Aotearoa New Zealand. This report sets out the NZCTU’s goals for that kind of that economy – an economy that is more productive, more sustainable, and more inclusive, and that recognises the role of tangata whenua as leaders, decision makers, landowners, workers, and business owners.  

Aotearoa New Zealand is already the best country in which to be in business, according to the World Bank. The NZCTU also wants to create an economy in which it is the best country in the world to be a worker and kaimahi.  

The report calls for a mission-led approach to future economic development and proposes five missions in economic equity, delivering our infrastructure needs, a just transition, decent work and better work/life balance, and enabling the enduring wellbeing of New Zealanders.