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Inequality in Wages and Self-Employment 1998-2015

This study shows rising inequality in the hourly rates of gross earnings (before tax and benefits) among both wage and salary earners and the self-employed over the period 1998- 2015, although incomes of the lowest 10 percent (decile) of wage and salary earners benefited greatly from strong rises in the minimum wage since 2000. A majority of people received either low incomes per hour or experienced low growth in those hourly rates, or both.

Health Vote 2017-18 post-Budget

This spreadsheet updates the data used to assess the requirements for health spending before the 2017-18 Budget with actual budget data.

Did Budget 2017 Provide Enough for Health?

Part of the CTU Working Papers on Health, this paper asks whether Budget 2017 met the level of funding will be required to maintain health services?