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Congrats, Jacinda and Clarke on adding to your portfolios

The Council of Trade Unions President Richard Wagstaff extended warm congratulations today to the Prime Minister and her partner Clarke Gayford on the news they are expecting their first child. “I think it’s fair to say that of all the roles they’ve signed up for in the last few months, this one can be the most rewarding” he said. “It’s really inspiring to see our Prime Minister breaking down barriers for working people combining parenthood with demanding and fulfilling careers.”

“It was only a few decades ago that an announcement of parenthood would be followed by some outdated assumptions about a mother leaving her job or putting her career on hold. I’m so glad New Zealand has moved on from that. We now recognise all caregivers in paid work should be supported to make the best choices for their children and themselves. Having our Prime Minister lead by example is a great sign of how far we’ve come in women’s industrial rights in New Zealand.”

“On behalf of Kiwis juggling paid work and parenthood, I’d just like to say ‘welcome to the club’ to Jacinda and Clarke. It’s not always easy, but the union movement supports them and all parents on this journey to make paid work fit better around family life.”

Photo credit: under Creative Commons licence 2.0