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COVID-19 : Employers who did not abide by employment law need to face consequences

The Council of Trade unions welcomes confirmation from Employment Relations Authority that:

– Workers were entitled to be paid during lockdown because they were ready, willing and able to work even though they could not enter the workplace.

–  Minimum wage applied to all contracted hours (not just hours worked). 

–  Any reduction of pay to 80% or the wage subsidy itself had to be done by mutual agreement with employees.

“These findings align with our view of employment law; what is fair and just. We note that lawyers working for employers have taken a position which is contrary to these findings. It is reassuring that working people and their unions had a more accurate analysis of the law,” CTU President Richard Wagstaff said.

“Once again the importance of people coming together, collectively to ensure better, fairer treatment at work has been emphasized. This is the work that people in union do. More kiwis need to join their unions and make work fairer. Ensuring the rights of working people are maintained and protected in a time of crisis is something the union movement is determined to achieve,” Wagstaff said.