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COVID-19: Working kiwis at high risk should be supported to stay in their bubble

The Council of Trade Unions wants to ensure that all steps are taken to ensure that any worker who identifies as being at higher risk of severe illness is encouraged to stay at home.

CTU President Richard Wagstaff wants the government to provide working people and employers with clear advice about what a shift to level three means to those who identify as being at high risk, “If someone is unable to work because it would mean putting their health at risk, then they should be supported to stay at home in their bubble.”

“Working people need the following assurances; that people can easily self identify if they are high risk, that the essential worker subsidy is extended to cover all employees so that any employer can apply for it, and that employers provide for increased COVID-19 related sick leave.”

“It is very important that no one is financially penalised for taking steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We all have our bit to do to assist in the eradication of COVID-19 including supporting those kiwis who are at higher risk,” Wagstaff said.