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COVID:19 – Pasefika union members calling for Pasefika people to take COVID tests

Media release from Komiti Pasefika

Komiti Pasefika is calling on all New Zealanders, including in our Pacific Island communities, to ensure that any information about the COVID:19 virus is only taken from an official news source and ideally from the government via the daily briefings and via the government website. 

“We know our Pasefika communities want to do everything possible to ensure that people are getting information about what we can each do to stop this virus in its tracks, but any information shared has to be true and accurate,” said Komiti Pasefika Co-convenor Brian Palalagi.

“We want to assure our Pacific people, that there is no stigma or shame in being tested for COVID-19. A negative test provides the assurance that you and your family are safe. Where there is a positive result then it is about following the correct procedures to make sure our families are safe and well. Our families are the most precious taonga.”

“We encourage our Pacific families that if they are not well, go and get tested. Take the time to go to your GP or Community Based Assessment Centres (CBAC) to get tested.”

“If you are concerned about what this means for your work, talk to your union organiser or union delegate in your workplace. Our view is that you should be accommodated with full pay to be able to make your contribution to the team of 5 million who are wanting to stamp this virus out of our communities.”

“People are the solution to this virus. We know that COVID-19 is a tricky virus which doesn’t discriminate who it inflects. The virus doesn’t discriminate, and neither should we,” said Palalagi.