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CTU supports bold health reforms

The Council of Trade Unions is broadly supportive of the bold reforms to our health sector as announced today.

“What will be imperative is the inclusion of working peoples voices and perspectives though this period of upheaval and change,” CTU President Richard Wagstaff said.

“We all deserve a health system which is fair and equitable; that regardless of where in the country you live you can get the health care you need. These reforms have this as their goal and we fully support the improvements needed to achieve this outcome.”

“A dedicated Māori health authority is long overdue. There is much work to be done to improve the health of Māori specifically.”

“What the impact might be on regions is of some concern. We strongly encourage the reforms to utilise the ‘Just Transition’ framework – if and when the nature of some work needs to change, then working people must be supported to move into new roles. This includes training and support. We expect that those working in our nations hospitals and health sector will be fully consulted, and their insights and knowledge welcomed.”

“We can have the health system that we need and deserve. This is bold leadership and is to be commended,” Wagstaff said.