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Taxing times

For an election period we are, more than ever, spoilt for tax content

Applying a tax policy lens – this means:

  • Labour and the Green Party want to make personal taxation more progressive;
  • National and ACT want to reduce or eliminate fiscal drag – more on that later – while National also want to restore the depreciation concessions they removed in 2010 as part of the price for a reduced company tax rate;
  • ACT wants to temporarily reduce GST to 10%;
  • The Greens want to add another tax base – wealth and
  • TOP wants to specifically remove the current tax preference on property.

No one is looking to increase or decrease the trust or the company tax rate and no one is looking to increase GST. No one is looking to implement a land tax – although a wealth tax and TOP’s policy have aspects of this.

Download the full bulletin: CTU Economic Bulletin 222 – September 2020.