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The Minimum Wage (and Gender Wage Gap)

Hope you all enjoyed Labour Day this week – brought to you by the union movement.

This month’s Economic Bulletin – a discussion of the minimum wage based on the recent CTU submission to the Government. It also includes some updated gender and ethnic wage gap graphs and finds the reduction in female employment, I discussed in August, seems to arise predominately in Auckland.

The capital markets continue to do their thing, although there has been a slight reduction in those receiving income support. CPI for September 2020 has come out with an annual increase of 1.4% in the September year and so I have updated the comparators to the Rent and Food index. The Household Living Cost Price Indices which give more nuanced exposition of the cost of living for different groups comes out next month.

And finally, just for kicks, I plotted the Corelogic house index against one I created for average wages. Not pretty – so worth reading to the end for that graph.

Download the full bulletin: CTU Economic Bulletin 223 – October 2020