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Labour, Houses, and the Reserve Bank

What a wild ride the last year has been.

I look back to my first Bulletin in January – I had NO IDEA – and that wasn’t just that I was coming out of tax and in to labour market things. It is trite to say that Covid has changed everything but in some ways, it hasn’t changed anything.

Unemployment and underemployment is still structurally female, Māori and Pasifika. House prices are still rising; the cost of living for low income people is still higher than for high income people and the labour share of GDP resumes its downward fall.

So with this in mind as a final (from me) bumper issue, this month’s Bulletin is in three parts:

  • Discussion of the Labour Market Statistics and GDP (Income) that came out this month;
  • Discussion of interest rates, the Reserve Bank and house prices; and
  • The usual indicators.

Download the full bulletin: CTU Economic Bulletin 224 – November 2020