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Expertise of clinicians needs to be valued in health sector

The Council of Trade Unions Secretary Sam Huggard said today that unions were supporting a public health system that listened to and valued the advice of clinicians, in response to the Association of Salaried Medical Specialist’s concerns about our pathology services.

The concern relates to the proposed breaking up of the national forensic pathology – a small national service that engages 7 specialist forensic pathologists – by the Ministry of Justice, in favour of 4 regional services.

“Specialists are warning to not go down the path of breaking up a national service. We need to listen to this and avoid this fragmentation,” Sam Huggard said.

“Right across the health system over the last ten years we’ve seen moves towards contracting out all against the advice of the health experts we pay to keep us well. Specialist services like forensic pathology don’t tend to grab the headlines but are absolutely essential to keep the rest of the system running safely and on time.”

When clinicians are talking about a ‘complete collapse’ of services that help vulnerable and grieving families, hospitals and the courts, it’s time for officials and Government to listen,” Sam Huggard said.