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Fair Pay Agreements; making work fairer for Kiwis

“Working Kiwis are a step closer to having fairness at work with today’s announced recommendations from the working party on Fair Pay Agreements,” said CTU President, Richard Wagstaff.

“New Zealanders deserve jobs that pay enough to live on, with working hours and conditions that allow them to spend time with their families and doing the things outside of paid work that they love.”

Fair Pay Agreements will set minimum standards across an industry or occupation.

Retail worker Jackie Holt is looking forward to when Fair Pay Agreements are put into law: “Having an industry standard of fair pay means that those, like myself, who work in a supermarket, are able to ensure that our lives are a little less stressful and fulfilled. It would mean we could afford not only the necessities but also pay our bills on time, run our vehicle and hopefully afford an annual holiday. It could afford us with the opportunity to save towards retirement and also for the unexpected needs that might and do happen.”

“Fair Pay Agreements can, and will, make work fairer. New Zealanders have been appalled by truck drivers being forced to falsify log books to meet contracts, or migrant workers sleeping four to a room, let alone middle class professionals who can’t afford a house or to start a family,” Wagstaff said.

“And while nearly 40% of children in poverty have parents that work, FPAs represent the largest step toward reducing child poverty that this government has taken so far.”

“Working Kiwis need Fair Pay Agreements to become a reality. We urge the Government to move swiftly to turn these recommendations into law so that Kiwis can have fairer work, the work we all deserve,” Wagstaff said.