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Government clarity on COVID-19 supported by working people

The CTU commends the Government’s actions to take more control measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 Virus.  

CTU President, Richard Wagstaff supports the government’s announcement today to expand the wage subsidy and that further support will be extended to all working people. “We also support the announcement of a freeze on rent increases as for most working people housing costs are their biggest budget item.”

“We look forward to seeing all the details of the income support package the government is releasing. This support needs to be provided on an individual basis, not household.”

“The steps that the Government is taking to ensure it is easy for businesses to get the support they need are necessary. We would like it to be as equally easy for everyone to access support – those who need access to state support though benefits should be able to do so easily online.”

“We absolutely can unite against this virus when we work together and take the steps that public health experts have informed the government are necessary,” Wagstaff said.