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Greater Wellington Regional Council commits to bring employers and bus drivers together

Finally some progress was made today to provide some certainly for Wellington’s bus drivers.

Today the Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) chairperson Chris Laidlaw committed, during the meeting, to bring together bus drivers, their representatives, the new employers and the existing employers. “This is what the bus drivers have been asking for for weeks, so it’s great that the GWRC has committed to facilitating this meeting,” CTU President Richard Wagstaff said.

“Our bus drivers are understandably very fearful of what their futures hold. Whether they will have jobs, if they do have jobs what their pay and conditions will be. Most of these drivers have driven buses in the Wellington region for upwards of 10 years, they have families, mortgages and a need, as all working people do, for certainty of income.”

“We look forward hearing from the GWRC within the next two weeks and meeting with the parties as soon as possible.” Wagstaff said.