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Greens energy policies; positive for working Kiwis

“Working people have signaled their commitment to do more to address the most pressing issue of our time; climate change. The energy policies that the Green Party have launched today provide a meaningful contribution to addressing climate change,” CTU President Richard Wagstaff said.

“The COVID-19 crisis has presented us all with an opportunity to re-imagine how we do things for the better. These policies provide that.”

“The commitment to establish a Clean Energy Training Plan to help facilitate a just transition alongside working people and their unions, communities, iwi, and the energy industry is celebrated. The union movement has been calling for a just transition for some time so we are especially pleased to see that the Greens are not only making tangible plans to work towards this goal but that they also see the critical role that working people in union have to contribute.”

“We are also pleased to see proposed job creation through direct government investment in rooftop solar power systems and assisting businesses to transition from industrial fossil fuel use to clean alternatives.”

“We must be bold in the solutions we identity if we are to make a meaningful impact on reversing, not simply halting, climate change. After all, there are no jobs on a dead planet,” Wagstaff said.