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Greens equal pay policy will deliver more for women

The Greens have today launched their equal pay policy, working women know that this policy could make New Zealand a fairer place if implemented.

CTU President Richard Wagstaff believes that this policy could make real and meaningful improvements towards achieving equal pay. “There are a number of significant aspects to this policy; especially the shifting of responsibility from employee to employer to prove that staff are paid fairly regardless of gender. Currently women need to prove that they have an equal pay claim. This policy would mean that employers would need to prove that they are paying women fairly.”

“It is great that the Greens, like Labour, the Maori Party and New Zealand First, have committed to better equal pay laws which would see the already agreed on Equal Pay Principals, as negotiated through the Joint Working Party, put into law. This is what is needed to truly make progress to achieving equal pay.”

“With only four days until voting starts it is great that paying working women fairly and addressing equal pay is an issue which politicians are talking about and showing meaningful leadership on. New Zealand can be a world leader on equal pay, just like we were a world leader when Kiwi women successfully campaigned for, and won, the right to vote,” Wagstaff said.