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Election Issue – Health

Make a Change for Health

All Kiwis should be able to access high quality health care whenever, and wherever, they and their families need it.  

Unfortunately the National Government has not funded health care services properly for a long time. Patients aren’t getting their needs met.

Health funding has failed to keep up with population increase and government promises. The health budget in 2017 is $1.9 billion short compared to when National came into office in 2008.

Funding for mental health services was cut in real terms in the 2017 health budget.

The Ministry of Health is underfunded by at least $5.1 million and has cut staff.

It’s time to make a change.

Unions are calling for:

  • Free universal health care to keep people well, prevent illness, and intervene early.
  • A $2 billion annual funding boost for the health sector to recover after a decade of cuts.
  • Ongoing funding guarantees to cover costs, pay increases and population changes.
  • Commitment and funding to improve Māori and Pacific health.
  • Valuing health staff, including through fair and equal pay and conditions, workforce development and participation strategies.