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Holidays Act changes to be worked through between unions, business and Government

The Council of Trade Unions President Richard Wagstaff said today that he was looking forward to working with business and Government on a review of the Holidays Act to ensure working people are fully and properly paid what they legally earn.

“We’ve known for a long time that people are not able to access their entitlements under the current law, and there are major issues with most payroll system compliance,” he said. “We need a law that is easily implemented, where everyone clearly understands what they are entitled to.”

“It adds up every day that the problem is not sorted, and over time working people are losing millions of dollars they will potentially never be repaid. Cases will still be worked through by unions while the review is in place, to deliver debts owed by employers back to working people.”

“The Government’s tripartite approach to unions and business on potential changes shows they want to find an enduring solution for the widespread compliance problems. A review which includes practical tests and robust representation of those owed money under the Act is the best long-run solution.”

“Our goal is a law which is both fair and accessible. We are pleased the Government is not rushing in with quick fixes that could have unintended consequences, but is listening to unions as the voice of working people whom this law should protect.”