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Just Transition Summit

“There is no question that we all must take urgent action in order to address climate change, together we can prevent further damage to our planet,” CTU Secretary Sam Huggard said from today’s Just Transition summit in Taranaki.

“The provision of good jobs and secure incomes created through industries which are good for the planet is absolutely part of the solution. Good jobs will build wider community support, this wider community support is really what is needed in order to step up action.”

“The essence of a just transition is simple; the costs of the necessary changes that ensure a more stable climate, must be spread evenly amongst us. To ensure a just transition, working people and those living in poverty must not carry the burden more heavily.”

“For working people there are two important features of a just transition.”

“The first is a plan to diversify our economy into new industries, and this is well under way in Taranaki with the launch at the summit of the Taranaki 2050 roadmap from the local lead group. Today’s pre-budget announcement from the Prime Minister of a clean energy centre in Taranaki demonstrates a government that is listening and is willing to back this transition with practical initiatives to diversify.”

“Equally important for working Kiwis is a plan to support them and their colleagues through change. New jobs are the first step and this needs to be backed up with planned, collective processes to support working people to transition in to new work. Job placement, retraining while people are still employed in current roles, income support and other measures need to be put in place.”

“We have some excellent recommendations on such active labour market policies from last week’s Welfare Expert Advisory Group report. This would be a great place to start,” Huggard said.