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KiwiRail’s switch to dirty diesel reveals Government’s real agenda on climate change

KiwiRail must be resourced by the Government to provide a service which all Kiwis can take pride in; a service which is environmentally sustainable. Today’s announcement to replace some electric trains with diesel ones is the not the right decision for a country which prides itself on it’s clean green reputation.

“Words speak louder than actions, and the Government’s actions with Kiwirail demonstrate a fixation with cost cutting and a complete lack of concern for the environment and climate change,” CTU President Richard Wagstaff said.

“Instead of forcing Kiwirail to revert to carbon based fuel because it is more financially sustainable, the Government should have insisted on kiwirail leading the way with electricity and funded them to do so.”

“As well as this decision being terrible for our environment there are also consequences for those who have worked on the electric trains. We need to be supporting people with these skills, not telling them their futures are uncertain.”

“We all know that the way of the future is electric powered vehicles – KiwiRail needs the funding from Government to join the future,” said Wagstaff.