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Labour-Green agreement brings Just Transition confidence and supplies Equal Pay

“The Labour-Green confidence and supply agreement gives both to working people,” says CTU Secretary Sam Huggard.

“It brings real confidence to working people that the transition to a net zero emissions economy can be achieved and achieved justly with their working interests in mind.

“It also supplies the muscle to the equal pay process – with clear commitments in the public sector in this term of Government.”

The agreement contains a number of positive changes for working people. Among them, it commits to eliminate the gender pay gap within the core public sector with substantial progress within this Parliamentary term, and focus on establishing just transitions for exposed regions and industries in the move to a net zero emissions including up to $1 billion of new investment in low carbon industries by 2020 supported by a Government-backed Green Investment Fund of $100 million.

“There is strong support across New Zealand for paying women fairly and the equal pay measures are significant. We are also pleased that the new government is made up of three parties who have committed to better equal pay laws which would see the already agreed-on Pay Equity Principals, as negotiated through the Joint Working Group, put into law.

“Having a more assertive plan to address climate change must be coupled with initiatives to create opportunities for decent work in the green economy, and the clear commitment to just transition and the investment fund is important and welcome to working people.

“This document is further evidence of what the new Government can achieve and the value the Green party brings to the partnership. These are great initiatives and they are heading in exactly the right direction.”