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Labour’s fiscal plan offers good alternative for working people

Labour’s announced fiscal plan today has been welcomed by the Council of Trade Unions.

‘This plan demonstrates a real and positive alternative to the Government’s budget and gives people a real choice when they cast their vote in September’s election,’ CTU President Richard Wagstaff said.

‘Labour’s fiscal plan delivers real gains in health, housing, education and in infrastructure which are so badly needed after years of neglect and a growing population.  People working in our public services are seeing the impacts of this neglect on a daily basis.’

‘Labour is intent on maintaining and improving our investment in these areas by keeping tax revenue at current levels, instead of the cynical tax cuts approach we keep hearing from National which will result in reduced spending in critical areas.’

‘It shows that if a Government is serious about relieving poverty, serious about reducing inequality and serious about our future generations, it can make choices to fix these problems. In short Labour has shown it is serious while the current Government has demonstrated it has other priorities.’

‘National’s priorities are revealed very clearly by their successive budgets which cut spending in real terms on vital programmes and their tax cut programme which delivers overwhelmingly to the well off, at the expense of the less fortunate’.