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Land Transport Management (Regulation of Public Transport) Bill, Transport and Infrastructure Committee

Cover of Land Transport Management Submission, April 2023

Together with Fair Pay Agreements in this sector, the proposed legislation should improve Aotearoa New Zealand’s public transport system, which is currently in a parlous state.  

The existing Public Transport Operating Model (PTOM), based on ideals of market competition and commercialisation, has failed to deliver quality public transport services. Under the PTOM, local government has been forced to accept lowest-cost tenders from private operators. The long-term results of this are poor working conditions, chronic workforce shortages, ongoing problems with the quality and reliability of services, and a lack of movement towards decarbonisation.  

The Sustainable Public Transport Framework that this legislation would create recognises that public transport is a critical public good. The proposed legislation also recognises the role that public transport has to play in providing fair and equitable employment, meeting our emissions-reduction obligations, and improving the connectivity and wellbeing of New Zealand communities.