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Law changes for domestic violence surviors

The Council of Trade Unions welcomes new support for survivors of domestic violence. From 1 April, the Victims Protection Act will allow for workplaces to be part of the solution to domestic violence.

“Everyone should be able to live a life free from violence. Unfortunately, we know that many people are experiencing violence from the people closest to them. Until we are able to create a society free from violence we must build in protections for those who live with this nightmare. We are proud that New Zealand is leading the way in ensuring that domestic abuse survivors are better supported in their workplaces,” CTU Vice President Rachel Mackintosh said.

“The law changes give employees affected by domestic violence the right to apply for paid leave and the ability to request short term changes to their working arrangements.”

“Now victims of domestic violence will be able to request up to 10 days’ additional paid leave from work a year for reasons related to domestic violence. This leave is meant to help employees manage the effects of domestic violence and to make themselves and their children safe by giving time for things like; moving house, attending scheduled court dates, and arranging care for their children, without risking their ongoing employment.”

“This is progressive legislation which will make New Zealand workplaces better, safer places that support decent work and wellbeing for everyone,” Mackintosh said.

Download a factsheet about the Domestic Violence Victims Protection Act here.