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Making work better – Fair Pay Agreements

Government figures out today are consistent with what working people have told the Council of Trade Unions in our own survey, that a significant group of working Kiwis are unhappy and dissatisfied at work. Now the Government must act to make meaningful change.

“Having good jobs is fundamental to peoples wellbeing,” said Council of Trade Unions Policy Director Dr Bill Rosenberg. “The Government’s own figures show that over 100,000 New Zealanders are not satisfied at work.”

“We know that some of the main ways that work leads to dissatisfaction are, a lack of work life balance, security of work, lack of control over your work, poor workplace relationships, and high levels of work related stress. Our own survey showed that people are concerned about workload, access to training/professional development, and hours of work (for some too many and for others too few). We know that most of these areas of dissatisfaction could be addressed by the Government implementing Fair Pay Agreements.”

“Fair Pay Agreements are a critical component of this Government improving the wellbeing of people in New Zealand who are being short-changed for their work, starting in supermarkets, security and the cleaning industry as soon as possible.”

“Fair Pay Agreements have the potential to make work, and therefore life, much better. We know this Government cares deeply about the wellbeing of New Zealanders and ensuring that more Kiwis are happy in their work will improve lives, Fair Pay Agreements are a way this Government can improve life for all working Kiwis,” Rosenberg said.