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Minister’s guidance misses the ‘U’ word

The ‘Guidance on closing the pay gap’ released today by Women’s Minister Paula Bennett is silent on the role of unions.

“Given the critical and leading role unions have played historically in the fight for equal pay, and more recently in the Care and Support Settlement, it is very odd that this guidance completely omits any reference to unions,” said CTU President Richard Wagstaff.

“Working people should be encouraged to come together in union if they are contemplating making a claim for Equal Pay. Unions have the experience, expertise and the knowledge. When people have worked together in union they have been more successful than anyone else in achieving equal pay wins.”

“The Minister and the Ministry of Women should amend their advice to women workers looking to close the pay gap and point these workers in the direction of their union, so they can take these cases collectively and alongside their co-workers.”

“Anything less is to deny the simple reality that unions remain at the centre of the push to remove the imbalance in pay rates in New Zealand,” Wagstaff said.