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Monthly Economic Bulletin – October 2022

Welcome to the October 2022 EconoLex. In this edition, we examine the proposals for Fair Pay Agreements which passed their third reading in the house – meaning that they will become available to workforces very soon. We believe that they will make a massive difference to workers and workplaces, and we examine some of the evidence that supports their implementation here in New Zealand.

We also take another look at a couple of areas of our consultation document ‘Building a Better Future for Aotearoa’. We look at the proposals around our need for decent work, and on building the infrastructure and housing that we need. The consultation is currently open, and we would like everyone to have a look and comment at

Finally, this EconoLex looks at the latest economic data to try and tell us a picture of what is really going on in the economy right now. Unemployment is very low, more people are in work than ever before, wages are rising faster than inflation, the Crown Accounts are in much better shape than expected, and there is strong GDP growth. If this is an economic crisis it’s a very strange one. We always welcome hearing from you, and hearing what you would like us to analyse in future. If you have any questions, thoughts, or comments please do let us know.