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More jobs, but they still need to be better paid

“It’s good to see more jobs,” says CTU President Richard Wagstaff. “But the growth in wages is just happening too slowly.”

“Working people need to see a more rapid rise in their pay because, since at least 2009, their wages have not kept up with the growth in the nation’s income.

“It’s particularly siginficant, given Parliament is currently considering employment law changes that support collective bargaining – a proven tool for wage growth.

“Meanwhile, 49 percent of people got no pay increase in the last year. It is the highest proportion since 2010. So that is one reason why the Govenrment’s Fair Pay Agreements are an important initiative we need to see.

“We aspire to decent jobs for all people willing and able to work, and New Zealanders should no longer tolerate a low wage society.”