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National Leader Agrees CTU Numbers Are Right, But Still No Fiscal Plan

National Party Leader Christopher Luxon admitted on Morning Report today that analysis by the Council of Trade Unions showing the cost of its tax plan blowing out to $8.2 billion was correct.

“We welcome Mr Luxon’s admission today that our numbers are right, but it is extraordinary that it took our work and a RNZ interview for this to be flushed out,” said CTU economist Craig Renney.

Mr Luxon said ‘I think that’s about right’ on Morning Report when asked about the CTU analysis of the blow out. That suggests he doesn’t actually know what the cost of his package is.

“Why are voters still denied a fully costed and audited plan from the Opposition when the election is only five months away?

“Mr Luxon needs to say how these now more expensive tax changes will be funded. It’s hard to see how National can afford the tax changes without cuts to core services like health and education.”