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National Party needs to commit to maintaining working Kiwis leave entitlements

Working people are concerned that the National Party will change the 2003 Holidays Act if returned to Government stripping hard working Kiwis of basic leave entitlements.

“Clearly the National Party is colluding with some employers to represent a situation whereby the current legislation is too difficult for employers to implement. These concerns centre around entitlements to bereavement leave, annual leave, public holidays, and sick leave,” CTU President Richard Wagstaff said.

“We call on the National Party to clearly state that if they lead the next Government they will not reduce leave entitlements. Working people need to know National isn’t planning to cut their paid holidays, paid public holidays, paid sick leave and pay while on bereavement leave.”

“National need clarify their intentions in relation to the Holidays Act and rule out any cuts to these entitlements.”

“We would agree that more needs to be done to assist and support employers to meet their legal obligations. Employers clearly need greater levels of support, guidance and engagement and we see MBIE [the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment] as having a significant role to play in ensuring employers adhere to the law,” said Wagstaff.