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More people in quality jobs is good for all – but does the Government have a plan?

The CTU is encouraging the Government to do more to create quality jobs for Kiwis.

Figures out today show that there are fewer Kiwis in work and 40,000 more people without jobs compared to this time last year.  

President of the CTU Richard Wagstaff knows the government can do more, “The Government has an opportunity to create more jobs. There are 270,000 people who want jobs and there is plenty of work that the country needs doing – but what initiatives are being undertaken to maximise this opportunity to create good jobs for all?”

“Where are the policies and programmes to get these people into work? Has the Government got a plan to get people into quality jobs? What is the plan?”

“Unfortunately we continue to see a focus on the downgrading of jobs, the Government continues to promote casual work which keeps wages down and this isn’t working. Maybe this Government has run out of ideas?”

“New Zealanders need access to more and better work. That’s what a forward thinking Government would focus on” Richard Wagstaff CTU President said.