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Pike River decision to be appealed

The President of the NZCTU, Richard Wagstaff, has confirmed today that the CTU will support Anna Osborne, whose husband Milton Osborne, and Sonya Rockhouse, whose son Ben Rockhouse, were both killed at Pike River Mine in 2010, in their appeal of the High Court’s decision released in November.

“The appeal is of the Judicial Review decision not to re-examine the legality of the decision the Crown made to trade charges against Pike River Mine CEO Peter Whittal, for insurance money,” Wagstaff said.

“There are several parts of the decision being appealed. It is our view that the decision to drop the charges was the wrong one both in regards justice for the 29 men killed at Pike, and also that the decision was not in the public’s interest. Continuing to pursue this legally is extremely important,” Wagstaff said.

The appeal was filed today.