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Young workers tell MPs zero-hour contracts must go

Stand Up, the youth union movement, told MPs today that zero-hour contracts are unacceptable and must go, during select committee hearings on the Employment Standards Legislation Bill.

Stand Up is the youth wing of the Council of Trade Unions, representing tens of thousands of young union members including fast food workers, teachers, public servants, food and factory workers, nurses and others.

Asher Wilson-Goldman, Stand Up Co-Convenor, said “You can’t pay rent with uncertainty, and supermarkets don’t accept a lack of hours as an excuse for your EFTPOS card being rejected.”

“The Government promised to end zero-hour contracts but they have failed with this law.

“Flexibility cannot exist without job security – we need to have enough hours of work to cover our expenses before we can think about anything else.

“Zero-hour contracts send a message to young people that they don’t matter, and that work is a kind gift from our bosses, rather than something we are all entitled to.

“The Government needs to fulfil their promise, and get rid of zero-hour contracts,” said Asher Wilson-Goldman.