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All Kiwis derserve a home

Today the Council of Trade Unions spoke to the Labour, Green and Māori parties’ inquiry about the importance of every Kiwi having a home; a place to raise and look after family.

CTU Secretary Sam Huggard spoke about how the need for homes extends to working people. “Because wages are so low there are working people, sometimes holding down multiple jobs, who are unable to make ends meet. Wages are low but rents are high making it simply impossible for people to have the ability to afford a home.”

“The Government has a responsibility to show leadership and take action to ensure that all Kiwis have a home. Raising wages is the single most effective thing the Government could do to ensure that everyone has a home and a place to put foundations down.”

“We, as a nation, are so much better than this, we believe in everyone having a fair start in life. A fair start in life is a safe home not a glove box and a hand brake,” said Huggard.