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Budget 2016 – Working Kiwis deserve a better life

Today the Minister of Finance, Bill English, has delivered the National Governments 8th consecutive Budget and working people are underwhelmed and disappointed.

“All working people deserve a health system they can count on and an education system which grows young minds to be the best they can be. Working people expect to contribute towards the cost of these, and many other crucial public services, with their taxes,” said CTU President Richard Wagstaff.

“Where are the solutions? The aspirations? The vision? Bill English and his Government are so focused on reducing government expenditure that they have lost sight of the increasingly urgent need to make improvements to working people’s lives now. Housing, health, education and many other parts of our lives need Government action,

“Working people are looking to the future – the decisions the Government makes today in terms of where money and resourcing are invested – will impact on the future of work for Kiwis next year and for the future,

“The Government continues not to do enough to create enough good jobs to keep up with rising population,

“This budget is a lost opportunity to invest in our long term future,” Wagstaff said.